Published: 2023-11-13

Selected Papers from the 9th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language

Introduction to the Special Issue of the SHL Journal

Paola Guerrero-Rodríguez, Anel Brandl, Evelyn Durán Urrea



The National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) is a platform driving progress in the field of Spanish as a Heritage Language...

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“Este Artículo Describía Mi Vida”

Heritage Speakers, Critical Language Awareness, and Writing for the Community

Meghann M. Peace



The field of Spanish for heritage speakers has evolved considerably over the past decades, moving from educational practices in which students...

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Bilingual and Spanish Language Media in the U.S. as a Language Maintenance Tool Among Latinx Communities

Ana Sánchez-Muñoz, Jessica Retis

In this paper, we discuss the status and vitality of Spanish in the U.S., including the presence and characteristics of Spanish-language...

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Spanish Heritage Language Learners' Reading Accuracy and Spelling Difficulties

Amàlia Llombart-Huesca, Luis D. Gaytán-Soto



Spelling has been recognized as a challenging aspect of literacy for Spanish Heritage Language Learners (SHLLs). This study examines the...

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The Implementation of Critical Pedagogies in the Spanish Heritage Language Classroom

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Isabella Calafate



In an attempt to battle systemic oppression towards Spanish as a heritage language (SHL) speakers in the United States, theoretical advances in...

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Inalienable possession in Spanish-English code-switching

Acceptability data from US heritage speakers of Spanish

Bryan Koronkiewicz



Intrasentential code-switching is a common bilingual phenomenon that occurs when multiple languages are used in the...

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Fostering Latinx/e Students’ Familial Capital in the Spanish Heritage Language Program at the University of Washington

Angélica Amezcua



In this En Acción paper, I show how we (director, coordinator, and instructors)
have fostered Latinx/e students’...

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Los retornados en México

La inserción de los hablantes de herencia en contextos educativos monolingües

Gilberto Garcia



Esta disertación investiga a los hablantes de herencia en una etapa como “retornados” en un contexto educativo fronterizo. Los retornados se...

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