Published: 2023-06-09

Introduction to In Living Color

Amplifying Racial Justice Work in RHM

Veronica Joyner , Kimberly Harper , Maria Novotny



Introduction to the Special Issue In Living Color: Amplifying Racial Justice Work in RHM

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“Dismantle or Step Aside”

The Road to HIV Racial Justice Now! and The Push for Racial Liberation in the Domestic HIV Movement

Deion S. Hawkins, Andrew Spieldenner, Venita Ray, Olivia G. Ford, Marvell L. Terry, II



While there have been tremendous advancements in HIV prevention, treatment, research, and care, vast health disparities still exist across race...

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Infertile Exclusions

Countering Race-Based Hyperfertility Narratives Online

Laura McCann



Women of color are more likely to experience infertility compared to white women. Despite this likelihood, infertility continues to be...

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"Redefining Our Own Center”

An Interview with Stevie Merino

Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, Shui-yin Sharon Yam



Radical doulas are often on the frontlines supporting multiply marginalized birthing people. In providing emotional and physical support to...

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Pain, No Gain?

A Narrative Analysis Exploring the Accounts of Older African American Patients and Their Discussion of Pain Management Related to Chronic Illness

Carly Braxton, K.M. Begian-Lewis, Richard Marback, Heather Fritz



Drawing from interviews conducted as part of a study of older African Americans with multimorbidity, we argue how various forms of racism work...

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Remember to P.A.C.K. for Racially Inclusive Content Strategy

An Infographic and Call to Action

Sara Doan, Cristy Kennedy

The included infographic describes P.A.C.K, guidelines that are a starting point for creating public health tweets that better meet the needs of...

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