Forensic Anthropology is a journal devoted to the advancement of the science and professional development of the fields of forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. 

The journal primarily focuses on research, technical advancements, population data, and case studies related to the recovery and analysis of human remains in a forensic context. Topics such as forensic osteology, skeletal biology, and modern human skeletal variation are within the scope of Forensic Anthropology. The peer review process is double-blind, and the target timeline for publication after acceptance of a manuscript is approximately six months.

Forensic Anthropology has an international editorial board and supports all facets of forensic anthropology and archaeology, acting as an inclusive venue to foster professional discussions about research, policy, and application of what the global practice of forensic anthropology means. Forensic Anthropology will be published quarterly and is available in electronic or print formats. Issues will contain original research articles, brief reports, case studies, book reviews, and review articles.

The journal publishes articles ahead of print in Early View as soon as they ready for publication then later gathers these articles into quarterly issues.