Published: 2023-08-29

Assessing the Impact of Holocene Climate Change on Bioavailable Strontium Within the Nile River Valley

Geochemical and Radiogenic Isotope Perspectives

Antonio Simonetti, Michele R. Buzon, Stefanie S. Simonetti, Kari A. Guilbault, Maha Ahmed Kordofani, Naomi F. Miller



The impact of the climate drying during the Holocene within the Nile River Valley System (NRVS) has been the focus of recent debate in the...

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Multi-tissue Analysis of Breastfeeding and Weaning in Iron Age (Seventh–Fourth c. B.C.) South Italy

Hana Salahuddin, Tracy L. Prowse



In this study, we investigate breastfeeding and weaning patterns using stable isotope analysis of multiple
tissues—deciduous and permanent...

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Trauma and Violence in Medieval Poland

An Intersectional Analysis

Tracy K. Betsinger



The concept of intersectionality was developed by Black feminist scholars to explore how multiple identities of an individual interact with and...

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Growing Old in the Industrial Age

Aging, Health, and Social Identity in Elderly Women (Eighteenth–Nineteenth Centuries A.D.)

Sophie L. Newman, Katie Keefe, Anwen C. Caffell, Rebecca L. Gowland, Jelena Bekvalac, Malin Holst, Isabelle Heyerdahl-King



The elderly have been neglected within bioarchaeological discourse, partly due to limitations in current osteological techniques for identifying...

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