Periodically, Bioarchaeology International (BI) will publish issues or sections of issues dedicated to topical themes (“thematic issues”). The Co-Editors-in-Chief (EICs) welcome the opportunity to work with guest editors of thematic issues to attract significant contributions and to bring them to publication. 

Proposals for a thematic issue, for which you would act as a guest editor, should be submitted directly to the EICs. In reviewing the proposal, the EICs may consult with BI Editorial and Advisory Board members. 

Proposals for a thematic issue must include the following information.

  1. A description of one page or less that summarizes the thematic topic and goals of the thematic issue, how this compendium is novel or differs from other treatments of the topic, its timeliness, and broader impacts.
  2. A list of authors who have agreed to contribute to the thematic issue, including their affiliations, provisional paper titles, and abstracts, presented in the general order you wish them to appear in the thematic issue. For thematic proposals based on conference symposia, your list of contributors need not include all participants (e.g., if their topics do not fall within the scope of the journal) and may add individuals who were not symposium participants. 
  3. Any authors with prospective contributions who are on your invitation list but have not yet committed to participate. 
  4. A brief statement of the qualifications of the guest editor(s), including prior editorial experience and topical expertise. A curriculum vitae for the guest editor(s) should also be attached.
  5. A timeline for completion of the thematic issue or section, including date of author submission to the guest editor for initial review and revision, to BI for peer review, and for submission of an introductory or commentary manuscript from the guest editor(s) regarding the theme. Please allow sufficient time for review and revision at both stages of the process. 

All submissions must conform to the BI author guidelines for research articles, brief reports, or invited commentary and abide by all ethical requirements. Acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance of all contributions to a thematic issue, as individual articles are peer reviewed through the usual process for submitted manuscripts, with the guest editor(s) acting as Associate Editor(s) for the papers included in the thematic issue or section. The guest editor(s) will make recommendations to the EICs, who will make final decisions on the status of each manuscript included in the thematic issue. 

Each manuscript accepted for publication will go through professional copyediting with author review and subsequent correction of page proofs. Production will take approximately four months from copyediting to publication. Any questions concerning thematic proposals should be directed to the EICs.