Published: 2020-08-24

RHM Generosity

J. Blake Scott, Lisa Melonçon, Cathryn Molloy



Editors' introduction to Volume 3, Number 3, Summer 2020

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The Ethics of Rhetoric is the Rhetoric of Ethics

Refusing the Call to Codification

John Lynch



Recent calls for a statement of ethics for RHM research claim that a statement is needed in order to have a “place at the table” for...

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Shaping Contexts and Developing Invitational Ethos in Response to Medical Authority

An Interview Study of Women Down Syndrome Advocates

Amy R Reed, Stephanie Meredith



In this article, we argue that Down syndrome (DS) advocates seeking to intervene in medical exigences are poorly positioned by their audiences...

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The Ostomy Multiple

Toward a Theory of Rhetorical Enactments

Molly Margaret Kessler



Recent research in rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM) has called on scholars to find ways to more adequately attend to patients’ lived and...

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“Sticky Baby Dust” and Emoji

Social Support on Instagram during In Vitro Fertilization

Bethany Lynn Johnson, Margaret M. Quinlan, Nathan Pope



Searching the Internet for health information is now routine; recommending and receiving medical expertise on social media platforms such as...

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What a Difference a Body Makes

Addiction Studies and the Authority of Experience

Karen Kopelson



Grisel, Judith. (2019). Never enough: The neuroscience and experience of addiction. New York, NY: Doubleday. pp. 256. Hardcover $26.95.


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Review of Kelly Pender's "Being at Genetic Risk: Toward a Rhetoric of Care"

Jillian K. Zwilling

Being at Genetic Risk: Toward a Rhetoric of Care. Kelly Pender. University Park, PA, The Pennsylvania State Press, 2018. 174 pages,...

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