Published: 2023-09-07

Documenting Outdoor Simulated Scenes with Photogrammetry

Methods for Improving Harsh Natural Lighting Conditions

Caroline C. Jasiak, John J. Schultz, Morgan J. Ferrell



In both traditional and forensic archaeology, the thorough documentation of context is essential to a proper excavation or recovery, as the...

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Analyzing Cut Mark Characteristics on Bone from Chopping/Hacking Tools

Kelly C. McGehee, John J. Schultz, Sarah E. Freidline



Sharp force trauma (SFT) is a mechanism of traumatic injury in which a tool with a slanted edge impacts the skin and/or
bone, producing a cut...

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Reliability of Post-Mortem Computed Tomography in Measuring Foramen Magnum Dimensions

A Pilot Study

Grace Wong Yi-Li, Lai Poh Soon, Mohamad Helmee B. Mohd Noor, Karuthan Chinna, Mohamad Azaini Bin Ibrahim



Introduction: Reliability of foramen magnum dimensions using post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) to obtain standardized measurements...

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Maceration Techniques for Human Fetal and Perinatal Bone

Rhian Dunn, Micayla Spiros, Nicholas Passalacqua, Joseph Hefner



Forensic anthropologists working with cases that vary in stages of decomposition are often required to process and macerate remains to complete...

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