Women in a Turkish Tavern

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Hüseyin Rahmi
Emrah Sahin
Janna Tamargo


Selections from a 1924 novella by the Turkish writer Hüseyin Rahmi, depicting women and their husbands discussing drinking, dress, and the public lives of women. 

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Emrah Sahin, University of Florida

Emrah Sahin (PhD McGill University) is a transnational historian focusing on the intersection of political forces and social exchanges within and beyond national borders. He is the author of Faithful Encounters: Authorities and American Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire (2018). As the University of Florida’s Global Fellow (2021), he started a new major project that charts a recent massacre in a remote Kurdish village. He is also writing a critical manuscript about six travelers who told Muslims about Europe and America. Sahin is a senior lecturer at the University of Florida’s Center for European Studies, where he is teaching Turkish language, history, and culture.

Janna Tamargo, University of Florida

Janna Tamargo is a graduate student in sociology at the University of Florida and study coordinator for a research project gathering perspectives on authenticity and gender in gastronomical experiences. She has spent the last three years researching authentic food in Istanbul, Turkey, and ethnic-themed restaurants in the United States. Janna fell in love with language in her teens after she was an exchange student in France during high school. She has traveled to over thirty countries and speaks some of five languages. Currently, she splits her time between Florida and Turkey. She is also the current president of the Florida Society of the Social Sciences. Her research interests include the sociology of food, authenticity, and ethnicity in food culture.