Focus and Scope

Delos is a journal of translation and of translations, published for English-language readers. We publish new English-language translations of literary works from any period and language. We also publish articles on the craft of translation, on problems of translation, and on the way translation transpires in the world outside the academy. Reviews of notable translations or books about translation will also be considered.

The goal of Delos is to offer a wide range of literature in translation from all over the world, and also tools with which to reflect on the process by which these works reach us in English.

Peer Review Process

Submission to Delos will first be screened by the editors to determine if they are suitable for the journal. Criteria include appropriate length, a sound ability in the English language, and appropriateness to the themes of the issue.

Manuscripts which have passed this screening will be reviewed by at least one anonymous referee who specializes in the language of the source material.

The editors will make their decision to accept or reject translations based on the recommendation(s) of these reviewers. Acceptance may be provisional based on the requirement for revisions or additions (e.g. of commentary on a translation).

Publication Frequency

The journal will be published in hard copy and digitally twice per annum. It will be published as a single volume of all articles, translations, and reviews.

Journal History

In 1965, Delos was founded as part of a generous grant by the Ford Foundation to the University of Texas in Austin, where six issues appeared (1968–71).

After more than a decade, Delos was revived at the Center for World Literature at the University of Maryland. Reed Whittemore, as editor, oversaw publication of the second series from 1988 to 1991. At first, the volumes included four issues per year. After 1991, another eleven issues in a second series were edited, semiannually, by Professor Harold P. Hanson at the University of Florida. The final issue was printed in 2003 (for 1999).

In 2015, Professor Hanson's daughter asked University of Florida Professor Emeritus Hal H. Rennert, who had previously edited an issue of Delos, to take up the mantle of editorship. Thus in 2016 he published the first volume in a third series of Delos, numbered 31. Sadly, Professor Hanson died in April 2016. 

The journal has been published by the University of Florida Press since 2018.