Published: 2024-03-05

Race, Population Affinity, and Mortality Risk during the Second Plague Pandemic in Fourteenth-Century London, England

Rebecca Redfern, Sharon N. DeWitte, Joseph T. Hefner, Dorothy Kim



We investigate whether hazards of death from plague and physiological stress at a fourteenth-century plague cemetery (Royal Mint, London)...

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Headless Burials from Pachacamac, Peru

A Taphonomic Approach to Reconstructing Mortuary Ritual

Andrew J. Nelson, Jo Motley, Lucía Watson, Jocelyn Williams, Pauline Kirgis, Jean-Bernard Huchet, Suellen Gauld, Lauren Poeta, Ashley Ward, T. Naomi Nakahodo, Katherine Woodley, Hanne Andersen, Sorcha Rountree, Rory Succee, Jhon Baldeos, Sarita Fuentes, Denise Pozzi-Escot



A paleoradiographic survey of funerary bundles (fardos) from a Late Intermediate Period (1000 A.D.–1472 A.D.) cemetery in Sector 3 of the site...

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Health-Related Caretaking in an Institutionalized Setting

Applying the Index of Care to Burial 1 from the Mid-Nineteenth- to Early Twentieth-Century Mississippi State Asylum, Jackson, MS

Darcie Badon, Molly K. Zuckerman, Anna J. Osterholtz



Health-related caretaking was provided to individuals institutionalized in the Mississippi State Asylum (MSA), Jackson, MS (AD 1855–1935)....

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