Bioarchaeology International provides rigorous peer-reviewed publication of substantive articles in the growing field of bioarchaeology. This vibrant, interdisciplinary field of study cross-cuts biological anthropology, archaeology, and social theory to situate past peoples within their biological, cultural, and environmental circumstances. Bioarchaeology emphasizes not only the study of human remains but the integrative analysis and interpretation of their context, including the archaeological, socio-cultural and political milieu, and environmental setting. Bioarchaeologists use both state-of-the-art methodological innovation and theory to investigate a diversity of questions.

The goal of this journal is to publish research articles, brief reports, and invited commentary essays that are contextually and theoretically informed and explore the human condition and ways in which human remains and their funerary contexts can provide unique insight on variation, behavior and lifestyle of past people and communities. Submissions from around the globe using varying scales of analysis that focus on theoretical and methodological issues in the field are encouraged.

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Vol. 7 No. 4 (2023)

Published: 2024-03-05

Race, Population Affinity, and Mortality Risk during the Second Plague Pandemic in Fourteenth-Century London, England

Rebecca Redfern, Sharon N. DeWitte, Joseph T. Hefner, Dorothy Kim



We investigate whether hazards of death from plague and physiological stress at a fourteenth-century plague cemetery (Royal Mint, London)...

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Headless Burials from Pachacamac, Peru

A Taphonomic Approach to Reconstructing Mortuary Ritual

Andrew J. Nelson, Jo Motley, Lucía Watson, Jocelyn Williams, Pauline Kirgis, Jean-Bernard Huchet, Suellen Gauld, Lauren Poeta, Ashley Ward, T. Naomi Nakahodo, Katherine Woodley, Hanne Andersen, Sorcha Rountree, Rory Succee, Jhon Baldeos, Sarita Fuentes, Denise Pozzi-Escot



A paleoradiographic survey of funerary bundles (fardos) from a Late Intermediate Period (1000 A.D.–1472 A.D.) cemetery in Sector 3 of the site...

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Health-Related Caretaking in an Institutionalized Setting

Applying the Index of Care to Burial 1 from the Mid-Nineteenth- to Early Twentieth-Century Mississippi State Asylum, Jackson, MS

Darcie Badon, Molly K. Zuckerman, Anna J. Osterholtz



Health-related caretaking was provided to individuals institutionalized in the Mississippi State Asylum (MSA), Jackson, MS (AD 1855–1935)....

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