Published: 2024-05-17

Nepal and the Middle East

Nonalignment and Economic Interests

Michael B. Bishku



Nepal is a poor, nonaligned, landlocked country surrounded by India and China that has had good relations with both Israel and the Arab states...

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Trying in Many Ways to Persuade

Agency and Local Politics in a Nineteenth-Century Iron Mining Scheme

Jeff Hornibrook



Relying on Chinese county gazetteers and contemporary publications by Western engineers working in China, this article examines the methods used...

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A Quest for the Presence of Financialization in the Global South

The Case of India

Kaustav K. Sarkar

The globalized world is witnessing increasing dominance of the financialization of the economy and society. A rapidly changing association among...

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The Effects of Corruption Tolerance on Support for Democracy

Evidence from Africa

Sewordor Toklo



This article contributes to the literature on democracy in Africa, using the concept of “corruption tolerance” to understand the citizenry’s...

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