Published: 2023-03-01

Sun, Sand, Sex, and Safari

The Interplay of Sex Tourism and Global Inequalities in Africa’s Tourism Industry

Sitinga Kachipande



Despite the increasing visibility of sex in Africa’s tourism industry, the continent is typically neglected in global narratives about sex...

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Human Trafficking in the Caribbean

Developing Caribbean-Centered Ways to Fight the Crime

Gabrielle McKenzie



Human trafficking is a problem that has existed throughout time and in every corner of the world. Its causes and solutions are complex and...

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Comparative Analysis of Human Trafficking in Caribbean and African Islands from the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report

Kathleen M. Vogel



This chapter will examine trends in human trafficking in Caribbean and African islands over the past five years as documented in the US...

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Modern Anti-Trafficking Legislation and Harmful Traditional Practices

Haiti’s Restavek System

Jane Charles-Voltaire, Susan French, Lily Vilsine Bernadel



This article presents a historical and contemporary overview of child domestic servitude in Haiti and an analysis of legislation that protects...

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Paradoxes and Anomalies in Caribbean Anti-Trafficking Law and Practice

Jason Haynes



This article critically assesses existing state practices on human trafficking in the Caribbean. More specifically, through analysis of...

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Theorizing Human Trafficking and Unfree Labor

Julia Harnoncourt



In this article, we are dealing with human trafficking for reasons of labor exploitation. For us, it is important to look at the historicity of...

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