Published: 2022-11-16

Transition to Democracy in Deeply Divided Ethiopia: Mission Impossible?

Assefa Fiseha



The article explains the state of political transition in Ethiopia since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018 based on the concept of...

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Land, Blood, and Tears

Discursive Themes and Strategies of Resistance to Neoliberal Hegemony in the Lumad’s Struggle for Their Rights

Belinda F. Espiritu



This paper examines the discursive themes and strategies of resistance by the Lumad, the indigenous people of Southern Philippines, and civil...

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Playing Politics with Epidemic

Bubonic Plague, Slum Clearance, and Party Politics in Colonial Lagos, 1924–1960

Mufutau Oluwasegun Jimoh



The management of the bubonic plague in colonial Lagos, Nigeria, unavoidably put the indigenous population at the receiving end of massive...

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National Character and the Narrative of Self-Image in Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and Obasanjo’s My Watch

Adedoyin Aguoru, Ibrahim Odugbemi



Building on the view of biographical writing as a cultural practice and expression, this article adopts identity and narrative theories to...

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Which Social Justice?

Situating the Philippine Legal Concept of Social Justice Within Just Transition Research Collaborative’s Analytical Framework

Antonio G.M. La Viña, Jayvy R. Gamboa



Social justice is often cited in literature as an essential component or an ideal end of just transition, but there remains a gap on what social...

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