Published: 2022-10-10

“Me veía hesitant en contestar su pregunta and how to break things down”

Peer Tutors’ Experience at the Heritage Spanish Writing Center

Agustina Carando, Claire J. Lozano



This study analyzes the experiences of undergraduate peer-tutors in a Heritage Spanish Writing Center (HSWC). Tutors, uniquely positioned as the...

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La comprensión de textos argumentativos y la elaboración de resúmenes:

¿Un reto exclusivo para los estudiantes de español como lengua de herencia?

Edna Velásquez



Se explora la comprensión y la elaboración del resumen de un texto argumentativo por parte de un grupo de 188 estudiantes de español como lengua...

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Developing Academic Spanish in Bilingual Teacher Candidates

A Critical Interpretive Review

Desiree Pallais-Downing, Mónica Pineda, Mohit Mehta, Irán Galindo-Tovar, Cinthia Salinas



Policy makers and education researchers emphasize the need for English learners to develop academic language in order to improve school...

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Reflections on a Heritage Spanish Literary Contest

Robert Sanders, Elena Avilés



The authors reflect on their experiences hosting a literary contest for Spanish as a heritage language (SHL) at a major university in the...

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Integration of Peer Support Services in the Spanish as a Heritage Language Curriculum

Lina Reznicek-Parrado, Adrienne Gonzales



The following is a description of a pedagogical initiative that has resulted from the collaboration between a Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual...

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Teaching Written Accent Marks to Spanish as a Heritage Language Learners

Mary Hudgens Henderson



Accent marks are one of the top reasons why heritage language learners of Spanish decide to study the language formally, yet many SHL...

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Critical Sociolinguistics Meets Curriculum Design

Demystifying Language Ideologies in the Heritage Language Classroom

Jorge Mendez Seijas, Dr. LeAnne Spino



This manuscript describes a course for heritage speakers (HSs) of Spanish implemented at a large state university in the Northeast US. As has...

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