Creating a Multidisciplinary Dialogue about Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships of Health and Medicine

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Rebecca A. Kuehl
Jenn Anderson
Sara A. Mehltretter Drury
Amanda Holman
Cerise Hunt
Jay L. Leighter


This dialogue is focused on community-based participatory research (CBPR) part­nerships that can shape public health research in RHM and health communica­tion. The dialogue is based on a roundtable discussion that was held at the 2019 meeting of the Central States Communication Association in Omaha, Nebraska. Based on our experiences conducting CBPR across different areas of communica­tion and public health, we oriented our dialogue around four key themes that seemed central to understanding CBPR in rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM): 1) defining community and CBPR; 2) discussing research methods and engaging community stakeholders; 3) considering ethics, and; 4) assessing out­comes of CBPR. Based on this dialogue, we conclude with implications and applications, as well as further references for interested RHM and health com­munication scholars.

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