A Dialogue on Possibilities for Embodied Methodologies in the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine

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Cathryn Molloy
Cristy Beemer
Jeffrey Bennett
Ann Green
Jenell Johnson
Molly Kessler
Maria Novotny
Bryna Siegel-Finer


Drawing on our experiences with qualitative research involving health and medical topics to which we have a personal connection, this dialogue asks scholars in RHM to consider key methodological issues in embodied research by exploring: the choice to take up inquiries with which we have personal connections; the ethics of representation within these projects; and determining if, how, when, and to what degree we should reveal these connections in the research write-ups themselves. Our conversation is characterized by a “heuristic orientation”—defined as intuitive, creative, and generative. We conclude by offering a heuristic tool for researchers to use as they make crucial decisions in embodied research in RHM.

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