The editorial team at RHM is thankful for “Anti-Racist Scholarly Reviewing Practices” and those who created it, particularly its call for more transparency and accountability as well as more protections for multiply marginalized or underrepresented scholars. We are also grateful to the Library Publishing Coalition and its recently released “Roadmap for Anti-Racist Practice.” We welcome the invitation to draw on both documents to reaffirm, clarify, rethink, and add to our intentionally inclusive reviewing and larger manuscript development processes. RHM’s (potential) authors, reviewers, and others will see this work reflected in the journal’s editorial board and team, policies, processes, and mechanisms, both formal and informal; we will also continue to address issues of diversity, inclusion, access, and equity in our issue introductions. We are grateful for the reminder to regularly and collaboratively review the journal’s reviewing and other journal practices, and we are committed to this, too, being an inclusive practice. Finally, we are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to these important efforts.