Published: 2023-03-02

Reconsidering the Age-Informative Value of the Pubic Symphysis

A Comparison with TA3 Skeletal Traits

Jacqueline Galimany, Sara M. Getz



Estimated age at death is a critical component of the skeletal biological profile for both forensic and archaeological applications. For adults,...

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Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Quantify the Effect of Experience and Education on Forensic Anthropological Analyses

Micayla C. Spiros, Sherry Nakhaeizadeh, Tim J.U. Thompson, Ruth M. Morgan, Viktor Olsson, Alexandra Berivoe, Joseph T. Hefner, Martin Arvidsson



The human interpretation of analytical outputs is a significant challenge in forensic science, making it vital to explore the application of...

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The Recovery of Human Remains from a Vehicle Submerged for 43 Years Using a Marine Venturi Vacuum System

Amy Michael, Leslie Fitzpatrick, Marcella H. Sorg, Steffen Poltak, Kyana Burgess, Alyssa R. Moreau



Forensic recovery of submerged human remains may present logistical challenges for forensic anthropologists. In the case reported here, a...

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Forensic Archaeology in Cyprus

An Appraisal of a Nascent Discipline

Maria Ktori



Forensic sciences is the umbrella term used to describe the different disciplines used in resolving forensic medicolegal, criminal, and...

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CT Imaging of a Case Involving Thermal and Sharp Trauma

Angi M. Christensen, Kera E. O'Reilly



This case involved a multiagency investigation of a fire in which an adult female and her three young children were found deceased....

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Confronting Cognitive Bias in Forensic Anthropology

Michigan’s Craigslist Killer Case

Alexis Goots, Joseph Hefner, David Start



Accurately estimating the biological profile is a foundational analysis within forensic anthropology. Although the methods for estimating the...

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