The Pathway to Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

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Parwez Besmel


In this article, I am presenting a new perspective on peace and justice in Afghanistan that is grounded on the sociopolitical realities of Afghanistan, the literature of transitional justice, and the experiences of several other countries that dealt with post-conflict justice when faced with the dilemma of peace and justice. I argue that prospects of trial, lustration/vetting, and reparation are improbable in Afghanistan due to the complexity of war, plight of civilians, weak judicial institutions, poor economy, and ethnic tension. The presence of the international community, an emerging civil society, and involvement of the United Nations in Afghanistan offers anticipation of a truth and reconciliation commission (TRC).

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Parwez Besmel

Parwez Besmel, PhD, is a lecturer with the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona University and can be reached via email at