The Poison of Polygamy: A Social Novel by Wong Shee Ping, translated by Ely Finch

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Cynthia Chennault


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Wong Shee Ping 黄樹屏. The Poison of Polygamy: A Social Novel (Duoqi du, shehui xiaoshuo 多妻毒, 社會小説). Translated by Ely Finch. Series: China and the West in the Modern World. Sydney University Press, 2019. 446 pages.

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Cynthia Chennault, University of Florida

Cynthia L. Chennault is an associate professor emerita of Chinese language and literature at the University of Florida. She researches the poetry and social history of the Six Dynasties (220–589). A recent publication is the chapter on poetry for the Cambridge History of China’s volume about that period. She was guest editor for a Delos issue on Chinese poetry (vol. 10, nos. 1–2; 1997).