Published: 2023-04-14

Linguistic Variation and Grammatical Complexity in Child Heritage Speakers

Pablo Requena



This exploratory study addresses variation along the animacy scale in the bilingual first language acquisition of Spanish Differential Object...

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Heritage Language Learner Confidence Development

Interlocutor Effect in Videoconferencing

Lauren Hetrovicz



Over the past few decades, extensive research has investigated the impact of technology in the second language classroom; however, studies are...

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Building Comfort and Pride at the Borderlands of Spanish and English

A Comparative Case-study of Three Heritage Language Teachers’ Raciolinguistic Identities in an Afterschool Spanish Language Club

Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen, Luz Chung, Cheryl Forbes



Language teacher identity shapes how teachers teach (Kayi-Aydar, 2019) and is vitally important to understand in the context of a Club that aims...

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Critical Tasks En Acción in the Spanish HL Classroom

Julio Torres



This En Acción paper describes a virtual asynchronous task-based lesson on promoting critical language awareness in a blended Spanish heritage...

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Genre Pedagogy within Systemic Functional Linguistics

Developing Heritage Spanish Students’ Persuasive Writing Skills with a Focus on the Subjunctive Mood and Modality

Ana Cristina Sánchez



This research study uses Genre Pedagogy (GP) grounded on Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and the Teaching Learning Cycle to develop...

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