Anti-plagiarism Checking

A combination of pre-screening and open access is the best possible defense against plagiarism. All articles submitted to Bioarchaeology International are automatically screened for plagiarism by the CrossCheck system from CrossRef. This system compares incoming articles to a large database of academic content, and alerts editors to any possible issues.

Rigorous Peer Review

Bioarchaeology International ensures that all research output is thoroughly peer-reviewed by external reviewers. Publications of a commentary or opinion nature may not be sent for external peer review but will include extensive editorial review and revisions. The University of Florida Press and Bioarchaeology International adhere to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The UF Press ethical standards for journal publications may be found here:

Research Data

We strongly encourage authors to make the research objects associated with their publications openly available. This includes research data, software, bioresources and methodologies. This means that peer reviewers are able to better assess the foundations of claims made, and the research community and wider public are able to similarly validate authors’ work, and are more easily able to extend and build upon it.


Bioarchaeology International is indexed with CrossRef and assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This means that all of our references are made available so that citations can be tracked by the publishing community, and the content is added to the Cross-Check anti-plagiarism database.