Published: 2022-11-02

Changing Political Elite Network Dynamics and the Fate of Democracy

Explaining the End of Emergency in India (1975–1977)

Sourabh Singh



In this article, I adopt insights from social network analysis to document and explain changes in India’s ruling political elite’s network that...

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Israeli Border Police Commanders’ Perspectives on Leading Ad Hoc Teams during Routine and Emergency Operations

Sigalit Shahar, Limor Sagi, Yuval Tsur, Uzi Ben-Shalom



This study asks the question, How do police commanders view leadership in ad hoc formations during assigned operations? In the era of a...

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The Rise of the Party in Arms

Revolutionary Organizations and Modernization

Erik van Ree



This article discusses the origin and nature of a novel type of revolutionary organization that emerged in the years between 1890 and 1914: the...

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US Military Aid, Political Risk Insurance, and Foreign Direct Investment

Overcoming Obstacles to US Foreign Policy

Shannon Lindsey Blanton, Carla Martínez Machain



How do national security interests influence outbound foreign direct investment (FDI)? FDI is a major part of the global economy, and a great...

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