The Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies publishes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural articles and interviews on literature, history, politics, and art whose focus, settings, or subjects involve colonialism and its aftermath, with an emphasis on the former British Empire.

Vol. 11 No. 1-2 (2023): Diaspora Connections

Published: 2024-07-12

Introduction to the Special Issue

Diaspora Connections

Pushpa N. Parekh



Seeking critical and sound examination, analysis, and evaluation of complex ideas and theories of established past directions in the...

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(Re)negotiating Empire

A Postcolonial Reading of the Narrative of Refugee Experience in Laila Lalami’s Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Rasha Aljararwa



This paper considers narratives of refugee experience in postcolonial scholarship. Investigating refugee experiences is indispensable to...

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Singing Blackness

Racial Discourse in Black Cuban and Black Dominican Rap and Hip-Hop

Anastasia Valecce



In this article I propose the exploration of racial discourse in recent Black Caribbean rap and hip- hop productions. Rap and hip- hop are often...

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Diaspora, Modernism, and Black Masculinities in Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners and Andrew Salkey’s Escape to an Autumn Pavement

Shun Yin Kiang



Following the transnational turn in modernist studies, and building on Stuart Hall’s and Nadia Ellis’s concepts of diaspora as key to...

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The People Don’t Give Up!

Afrodiasporic Social Movements in Buenaventura, Colombia and the 2017 Paro Cívico

Fernando Esquivel-Suarez, Jackeline Micolta Victoria



In 2017 images of demonstrations, riot police, and tanks filled social media worldwide. Most of the videos and media coverage reported on the...

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Recipe for Identity

Constructing the Self in Chitrita Banerji's A Taste of My Life

Manisha Mohanty, Amrita Satapathy



The placement of recipes in a food memoir serves the unique function of contextualising a life story against culture, tradition, and history....

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The Erotic Black Diaspora

From Your Hands to Mine

Olivia Pearson



“The Erotic Black Diaspora: From Your Hands to Mine” is a theoretical exploration of how the erotic informs Black feminist politics, kinship,...

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“A Western Outpost of the Punjab”

Forging Landscapes of Belonging in Bhira Backhaus’s Under the Lemon Trees

Rajender Kaur



By forcefully inserting itself within the landscape and history of California, “near the confluence of the Feather and Sacramento rivers” in the...

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Dis/Connected in Diaspora

An Autoethnographic Account of Translating within Language and Relating across Nation-States

Radhika Natarajan



Reflecting on the nature of my ethnographic research comprising open-ended biographical narrative interviews and participant observation, this...

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Racism Learnt and Unlearnt

Locating Afro-Diasporic Experiences in India in “The Shade of You” by Anushree Majumdar

Damayanti Das



For centuries, Africans migrated to India in different phases resulting in a significant presence of the African diaspora in this country. The...

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“Ye Be the Clear Morag Yourself”

Spivak, a Global Marx, and Just Weather Talk

Namita Goswami



This essay creates a heuristic homology between postcoloniality and strains of survivorship whose very contingency “de-humaniz[es] greed as the...

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Notes on Contributors



Notes on the contributors to Volume 11, Numbers 1/2 (Spring/Fall 2023)

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