Main Tax Policy Matters for Establishing Chile as a Regional Operative Investment Hub

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Hugo Hurtado
Jaime Del Valle


Unlike other OECD countries, Chile has not yet established a uniform tax policy toward foreign investment. Moreover, Chile had past experiences of unsuccessful legislation on specific exempted investment vehicles created with the purpose of establishing the country as a hub or platform for foreign investment. An effective international tax policy design requires taking a holistic view of the challenges and their corresponding solutions. As a country’s tax regime is a key policy instrument that may negatively or positively influence investment, Chilean tax policy is being oriented in this regard. This Article reviews the progress of those projects and current legislation, compares other OECD countries’ experiences in this matter, analyzing the main facts or elements to consider upon deciding the relevant tax policy, and finally proposes a tax regime that could make Chile more competitive when attracting foreign operative investment, focused on a more regional approach. Accordingly, this Article also intends to serve as guide or help to be considered by regulators on the hard road of designing tax standards. 

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Hugo Hurtado

Professor at Pontific Catholic University of Chile. 

Jaime Del Valle

Professor at Pontific Catholic University of Chile