The Journal of Political & Military Sociology publishes articles of a theoretical, methodological, and empirical nature, advancing the study of political and military sociology through interdisciplinary and comparative approaches. The journal encourages authors to address themselves to the vital issues of our time in the areas of political and military social policy through the Western and non-Western worlds.

Vol. 48 No. 2 (2021)

Published: 2022-04-25

Examining the Positive and Negative Aspects of US Military/Contractor Bonds in the Operational Environment

Caroline Batka, Stefan Schilling, Christopher Kinsey



The US Department of Defense (DoD) relies on contractors to execute its mission. Although the DoD aims to maintain functional group bonds among...

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Taiwan’s Changing Military Covenant and the Armed Forces’ Institutional Autonomy

Eyal Ben-Ari



Every country possessing an armed force has a military covenant: a set of shared, often implicit, expectations between the military and society....

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America’s Foe on Twitter

English and Farsi Political Messages from Iranian Leaders

Matthew L. Bergbower, Milovan Dakic



This article examines English and Farsi political messages on Twitter from two Iranian leaders, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and...

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Boredom, Fragmentation, and the US Army in Eastern Europe

Remi M. Hajjar, Morten G. Ender



This article examines a forward-deployed US Army unit in Eastern Europe. Drawing from military sociology, the theoretical framework used to...

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The Intergenerational Effect of Military Service in a Country with a Citizen-Soldier Army

Ronen Itsik



The claim has been made that the social impact of army service has eroded in recent decades as the influence of service as an intergenerational...

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