The Editorial Board, the Editor, and the editorial staff of the Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies have decided to change the title of the publication to the Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies. The journal is expanding its scope not only to appeal to a broader audience, but also so it can include such areas as Latin American Studies, Diaspora Studies, Pacific and Indigenous Studies, Development Studies, etc. in recognition of the convergences (and divergences) that exist between them and Postcolonial Studies, especially in their mutual awareness of history and relations of power. This new direction for the journal will seek to reveal, in the words of Arif  Dirlik, “societies globally in their complex heterogeneity and contingency.” Additionally, with a change in the Editorial Board and a new publisher, the University of Florida Press, now is the most opportune time for us to re-envision and re-task ourselves as the Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies.

This change is effective with issue 8-1 (Spring 2020).

The Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies publishes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural articles, interviews, and creative writings on the literatures, the histories, the politics, and the arts whose focus, locales, or subjects involve Britain and other European countries and their former colonies, the now decolonized, independent nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and also Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Vol. 8 No. 1 (2020): Special Issue: Frontiers and Frameworks in African Diaspora Teaching and Scholarship

Guest Editor: Pushpa Naidu Parekh

Published: 2020-07-14


"Frontiers and Frameworks in African Diaspora Teaching and Scholarship"

Pushpa Naidu Parekh

I am honored to represent the intellectual contributions of Spelman College’s faculty in this special issue. This publication is the first...

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Implementing an Intervention in the Spelman College African Diaspora and the World Course

Francesina R. Jackson, Jimmeka Guillory Wright, A. Nayena Blankson, Angelino Viceisza, Bruce Wade



This article describes an interdisciplinary team of researchers’ exploration of the impact of metacognitive instruction on first-year students...

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Mental Marronage on the Metacognitive Mountain

Teaching Critical Analysis, Historical Awareness and Social Activism to ADW Student Writers

Lana N. Lockhart



Just as their ancestors went through the process of being physically liberated, students must undergo the process of being intellectually...

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The Pedagogy of Performing Learning and Teaching to Increase Students' Success in the African Diaspora and the World Class and Beyond

Soraya Mekerta



Fred Newman “Performing the World” and his theory and practice of the “performative” are particularly useful in that students’ learning...

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Toward an Understanding of "Ashé" as an Aesthetic Condition

Arturo Lindsay



As an artist and cultural investigator specializing in contemporary art theory and practice, my area of research is centered on African...

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Decoding Black Iconography

The Art Museum and the Acquisition of Visual Culture Literacy in Diaspora Studies in College

Alix Pierre



The paper examines how the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, the only one in the country dedicated to the work of African descended women...

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Race and Representation in Twenty-First Century America

Robert Brown



This article examines Black women in the development of African-American politics, initially using race as a framework for analyzing the...

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Book Review Essay

Anne F. Carlson



Jerome C. Branche, editor. Post/Colonialism and the Pursuit of Freedom in the Black Atlantic. Routledge, 2018.

Daphne V. Taylor-Garcia....

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Black Skin, White Tourists

Race, Queerness, and Sex Tourism in Dominican Film "Sand Dollars"

Anastasia Valecce



Sand Dollars (Dólares de Arena) is a 2014 coproduction by Dominican film director Laura Amelia Guzmán and her husband, Mexican...

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"Identity Negotiation and Alien Residency"

Caribbean-American "In-Betweenity" in Elizabeth Nunez's "Anna In Between, Boundaries," and "Not for Everyday Use"

Kathleen Phillips Lewis



In her memoir, Not for Everyday Use (2014), and her novel Anna in Between (2009) and its sequel, Boundaries (2011), Elizabeth Nunez explores the...

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