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Hal H. Rennert


We, the coeditors of Delos, are happy to announce that as of December 2017 the new publisher of Delos is the University Press of Florida, under the imprint of the University of Florida Press (UFP). We will now be publishing two issues per year, instead of one, beginning with this issue, 33.1. New issues will no longer be open access; both digital and print subscriptions to Delos will be handled by UFP.

In tagging the current issue with the theme of “Literature and History” the immediate and obvious connection is to the end of WWI in 1918, a mere century ago, a narrow and at the same time vast frame of reference. The array of contributions in fact falls on both sides of that critical moment, stretching back to 1812 and forward to questions of immigrant identity. Most of the contributions grapple in one way or another with nationalism.

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